Cereal Sifter Machine

Cereal Sifter Machine

Sifter Machine


For cleaning diffrent types of ceraels till 80 persent , calibration cereals in 3 diffrents sizes , sperating big - small - shaff - dust impurity


7 harp in diffrent size , complete electronic board , sperating in 3 levels in small dimension , low sound , easy usage.

machines’ color


Technical Specifications

Hopper capacity100 - 200 kg

System Performance Electro-Mechanical
Power voltage 3 ~ 380 v
Power Consumption 1.5 kw
Machine capacity 400 kg / h
Weight 400 kg
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Product Overview
  • Code: KS-842
  • Cereal Sifter Machine
  • Sifter Machine
  • Category: Machinery for processing