Bag filler machine

Bag filler machine

granule bag filling machine


for filling several types of granule substances such as dried fruits , cereals , dried vegetables , sugar , pastta , pharmaceutical and chemical substance, ... automatical in bag


Equipped with PLC to control all machine's operation ,Touch screen 7“ monitor, Equipped with pneumatical sealing or overcast stilch system , conveyor transferring 

System Performance

Load cell system (digital weigher)

machine's color


Technical Specifications
System Performance Electronical , Electro-Mechanical , Pneumatics
Power voltage 3 ~ 380 v
Power Consumption 3 kw
Air Consumption 3 - 4 bar
Number of Packing 4 - 10 bag in per minute
Package’s Weight 10 - 50 kg
Hopper capacity 1000 - 500 kg
Conveyor Lenght 320cm
Conveyor Speed 1 - 5 m / min
Weight 900 kg
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